TAYA Real Estate Company is an active firm that possess a prominent role and record in the following fields:

Property development

TAYA is more than qualified and packed with all necessary capabilities to design, construct and develop different types of properties. Nevertheless, TAYA’s property development department is able to conduct feasibility studies, consultations, contracting and all required procedures.

Property management

TAYA has a designated team for managing properties with wide spectrum of services and solutions in property management affairs. This includes but not limited to, selling and purchasing management, legacies inventory, property pricing, income collection, etc..

Property marketing

TAYA possess a comprehensive set of solutions and abilities to design and implement property marketing programs that aims to promote current and future projects. It also able to secure all marketing collaterals like printable materials, flyers, brochures, in and outdoor media, hosting of press conferences, promotion and launch campaigns, etc..

Real Estate investments

Investing in real-estate is one of the TAYA’s basic professionalisms. As part of that we own, sell, lease and manage all types of properties, housing compounds, agricultural and industrial land plots and many other facilities with world standard manner and best costs ever.