CEO Message

TAYA holding group is a well-established firm that found in 1980 with national capabilities and accumulated efforts and planning. Since the inception of this rooted group it became well-known with its growing pace as a conclusion to the devotion and dedication delivered by stakeholders, senior and executive managements and all employees alike.

The TRC foundation principle was and yet to be, “Mastery”. At TRC- our company we believe “Mastery” as our way toward succeed in everything we do and consider it as a living example and solid base defining our identity.

To plan and deliver any project or service , we have set a futuristic strategy that built on certain pillars. Those pillars are mastered with enhancement of current projects through re-consider of all obstacles that might occur because of direct or indirect reason/s, being in line with real-estate sector updates within the local and regional markets as well as intensification in pursuit of promising investment opportunities.

As a vast growing company we are inspired with our vision and believe that realization of our mission shall be based on number of mechanisms such as distinction in all relative aspects, client satisfaction, work within proper atmosphere, development of workforce and over all considering “Mastery” as a launch point of every basic and secondary activities of TAYA Real-estate Company.

Our strive to achieve our stakeholders ambitions of leadership and distinction had stimulated us to apply “Mastery” in stable manner and being fully committed to increase current investments and allocate more promising real-estate opportunities within the local market.

In closing, we realize all previously mentioned directions works as a solid foundation to the future of TRC and from this point I wanted to ensure our proud to be part of TAYA group and promise to take our services and products into new horizons to stipulate further successes to our valued customers and stakeholders.